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I have £7000 to spend on my first car, i just passed my test a couple of months ago.

Because of this, insurance is a major issue - i cannot afford more than group 5.

What car do you all recommend? I was thinking about a clio - preferably a 1.4 16v and on my list are a 2000 1.4 16v si and a 2001 1.4 dynamique, if anyones knows any major differences between the two id like to know (aside from the dynamique being the new style.
  Ford Fiesta

how old are you? go for a new one and save yourself the insurance if youre over 19.
  Lionel Richie

Go for the Mk2, in my opinion its got much better looks and is nicer inside than the Mk1. Each to their own though!!! Mk2 has got a fly by wire throttle (i think) same suspension set up

trust me, if you can afford it, go for the 1.4 16v. If I had done that maybe I wouldnt be swapping my 1.2 16v soo soon. There is a BIG difference between 1.2 and 1.4, esp on motorways or anything remotely hilly.

What ever you buy, be careful in it, keep safe and then in a few years time you can afford to insure a much better car than your mates. Has anyone seen my slippers and Pipe?


  Shiny red R32

Pjacko a cool :cool:B:cool:L:cool:A:cool:C:cool:K:cool: Dynamique would look great, especially if you keep it looking very shiny! :cool:

tack my advice if you want or cale me a tw@ if you want but my fust car was a MK1xr2 mint it took me 4 days to right it off so lern by my mistaks points dont make prizes

iv got 11ponts and iv pade neley 1500 qued on finse

my pont is by a sh*t car lern how to drive it

put the rest of the money in the bank hi intrest acount of cors

And next year get a car you want or start to bild your one

be safe drive cerful ;)

Ive a 1999 focus 1.6 zetec in my local garage for £6500, how does that compare as it is the same insurance group?

TurboDaley makes a lot of sense. I agree that you do not know how to drive properly just because you have passed your test so maybe put the money in a high interest account, buy a cheap car and then get a better car when your insurance will not be so high ? It could be an option anyway, nice having a new car tho !

PS When I say YOU above I mean people in general not you personally, you could be a Felipe Massa for all I know ! LOL !