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0-300 in 24 hours....

In the words of Chandler Bing ........."Oh Mon Dieu....."

Got the Cup Saturday morning and lets just say Ive turned into the Joker!

Its nothing like the Mk 1 172 I test drove with 9000 miles on it - totally incomparable ...... went down with me fiancee to the parents and took them both in the back seat with the Mrs in the front and they weigh in at about 30 stone together - then car just took of in 2nd!

Brakes crap........seats = sore lower back - rolls on cormers ....... but fap me its quick !

One question - when I accelerate there is a sort of slight click when the accelerator is pushed in all the way almost like a kick down accelerator - should this be?

All roud very pleased - got the cl;ear indicators, silver visions and richbrook tax disc holder on - Renault forgot to fit the chin spoiler - doh - they said it was optional and wasnt sure if I wanted it - forgot mats as well but there gonna fit both those items.

Oh and the Interior light on roof fuse has already blown as soon as I got in car.........


Picked mine up on Saturday to and have covered 300 miles since.

Renault only forgot to put the 172cup badge on the door pillars, apart from that everything else was ok. Got free mats , full tank of juice, 2 tins of travel sweets for my kids and a very big smile when i drove off.

Badges will be sent in the post when they get some.

Hey Cupsize.

Glad you like the CUP. It is a completely different car from the demo 172 I drove.

Ive now done 1,400 miles and am very happy with it.

Watch out for the tyre pressures. Mine were 5psi over all round. No wonder tramlining was a problem.

Seats are crap. Waiting for a set of 172 sub frames for my Konig buckets in the workshop. That will hopefully sort out the driving position as Im 63".

Brakes are OK, just snatchy.

Gear change is lumpy and loose. Will be addiing a qiuck-shift kit asap.

All in all, top car for the price!!!

I have also noticed the slight click as you floor the accelerator pedal all the way but i have no idea what it is, anyone?????????

The spoiler isnt optional, its just that someones forgotten to put it on. They are delivered without it to avoid damage. The Dealer will be able to provide and fit it foc. Same with the door pillar badges, the first cars to arrive didnt have them, again the Dealer will be able to provide and fit them for you. Glad youre enjoying it, let us know how you get on with the seat swap.
  Leon Cupra

My accelerator pedal clicks to, think its just one of those 172 things. Do you think my Renault dealer would order and fit me one of the chin spoilers to my Mk2 172 or is it a Cup only thing??


Can anyone send me a pic of the door pillar, so when my cup badges are posted to me I know exactly where they go. Dont want em to be outta place if ya know what i mean..
  996 Carrera

Got my Cup delivered today - no badges either. Nor had the alloy locking been put on. The car has been at the dealers for a week as well. I guess theyve been busy with other things :).

Anyone got a pic of the badges, please?

Very impressed with the car so far, and its not been above 3500rpm yet.

Glad to hear that your all enjoying the 172, Cup or not.

There is always a click underfoot before Va Va Voom...

I wish it would stop raining. What boots does the Cup whear?