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0-60 time explained...

  Clio 197

Interesting article in todays Times. In the Driving supplement on page 5 there is a bit on the methods that the test drivers use to obtain some of those 0-60 times.
  Clio 197

Sorry no scanner. And their on line version requires a subscription now, at least for us overseas types. Try to access it online in the UK. You might be able to get it there.

The best story is about the guy who selected reverse instead of first...
  Clio 197

Well, it appears that the timing gear was a fifth wheel not designed to go backwards so the result is a mystery to this day. The timing gear was trashed!

And the ZR 1 Corvette factory test driver could only get the published 0-60 time powershifting without lifting at all or using the clutch.

jsut get the published times.........manufacturers ust do all sorts, like hot stciky slicks on a freezing clold day, thats perfectly sunny so the track aint cold, then go with the wind, use teh loosest test car they have, "forget" to put in the spare and assortment of other stuff as they probebly werent in production yet...etc etc....haha, all fun and games.