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0-62 and 1/4 mile testing

Got off work early today n went to do some 0-62 testing with a friend with DC2 Integra type R

Did 2 runs, and average is

Clio 172 with 2 up 0-62: 7.78 1/4: 15.89

ITR 2 up 0-62: 7.68 1/4: 16.29

Using G-Tech measuring device.
Just went to this site and calculate my Clios horsepower.

Cars weight including driver+passenger+3/4 tank of fuel + a sub. hehe...
comes to 2743.4 pounds.

The result = 135.15 HP at the wheels, and about 175.69 HP at the flywheel
which is about right...had a pipercross filter maybe worth 3hp....

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

LOL seems a few of us are doing this lately!

Thats some hefty transmission loss though...

Works out as a 23.1% loss, which is high for a fwd car, although it is only a calculation and not an actual.

Good work beating the ITR though! ;)

hehe...yeah I thought ITR must be faster.

But since its our first try....time will improve with more practice.

I drove his ITR 0-62 took me 8.8 seconds...crap time. the shift on ITR is so short and direct. and that B18 VTEC engine...sweeeet motor!

one thing I found out was you really have to drive the ITR HARD to get a good time. my mate punch through every gear. Clio does the same time with smooth gear change. I like my clio better!!!!

? I thought 20% trans loss is normal..

By the way,

my engine limiter cuts in well before the 7250 rpm mark.

around 6800-6900..before the redline.

engine already warmed up for quite a while.

something not right?
  CTR EK9 turbo

It takes about 15 minutes plus for the rev limiter to raise to 7200 rpm, no wonder so many 172s get beaten or kept up with probably because their limiters are coming in earlier than expected! Try driving it for like 30 mins and then testing it again.

The first time my car ever cut in at 6800 rpm was after i did the diag test: pressing the stalk button at the same time as turning the key and the dials go haywire, speedo jumps all over the place as does the rev counter. I then drove it and the limiter cut in at 6800 rpm - oh no. Now it only does it when the engines not upto temp.

Warm it up for 15+ minutes, then give it a few blasts of flat out and then rest it again with normal driving, then do another blast, it should go to 7200 rpm.

Its such a pain when it does cut in at 6800 rpm because not only do you not expect it to come in, but you are forced onto the limiter and get a bad gear change because you expected it go higher in the revs and you lose LOADS of time.

Thanks for the advise Simon,

Well, I did warm it up for over 15mins.
but I did turn the engine off for a while maybe 5 -10 mins
letting ITR do some solo runs.

so does that mean once I turn the engine off and start up again I have to wait another 15min before rev limiter raise to 7200rpm?

teanny losses can be as much as the 23%, there is NO certain amount and the 15% guess is just a guess......

IF you have 200bhp, and there is a 15% loss thats 30 odd bhp.

Thats about 22.5kw of heat to get rid of!

The average wall heater you have gives out 1.5kw heat!!! thats a good 15 bathrood heaters worth of energy your loosing, where does it all go! or is it there at all?

Another way of looking at it........1lb of fuel makes about 24.5kw heat/hr your burning a lb of fuel an hr jsut to run your gearbox!????

Out testing with my mate again,

This time cars fully warmed up and rev to 7250 before the limiter cuts in

Our 0-62 time

Clio: 7.43
ITR: 7.41

was done on a 31 degC hot day, if the ambient temp is around low 20.

we should get to around 7.1 ~1.2

Keep trying!!