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05 reg cars

There on my puter at home lol!

Honestly at 6:00

Common clios arnt that sh*t surley someone other than me has brought an 05 lol!:oops:



I saw an new Ford Ranger this morning. It wasnt until I saw that I realised we were into March. :oops:
  A4 & 840CI

I have two older brothers, one has the vee, the other did have a type R, gone all old and sensible and got a 307 :oops: Needed something cheap to go to work in

Quote: Originally posted by Liam182 on 02 March 2005
uploader not working
same for me :( Ill try in the morning! Because I know you all wanna see an 05 racing blue beast he he

Hi guys, Im new here, Ive just bought a 1.2 16v Extreme 4, on an 05 plate... I shall post pics up here when I pick the baby up on Saturday morning [:D]

Quote: Originally posted by r-jay on 03 March 2005

Just finished cleaning mine will find a nice location for some pics.
surely its clean any way ?
it is new after all (or did it get dirty on the way home?)
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Quote: Originally posted by subliminaljay on 03 March 2005

^^^^^^ Sh!t used that imageshack as well! took me half an half to upload, didnt work! :mad::(

can you see the megane above? thats on imageshack, you dont need to register or anything. just use the URL link at the bottom as the others are for thumbnails etc

(yeah they do look a little too far to the left above.- the exhausts)