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1*2 mani->cat joint kit - source of cheap individual components

thought this might be of interest to those who don't need all of the components that are supplied in the kit

BOSAL can supply quite a few of the components individually, so you can save some money if you only need certain bits. i've not tried to find out about all of the bits, but here are a few:

mesh ring - part number 256781 - £4
bolts - part number 258786 - £3/pr
cat->system gasket - part number 256008 - £3 (not substantially cheaper than the Renault gasket tbf)

the other bits are likely all available if you take your old bits in and ask them to compare them with their stock - although some bits might only come as part of a fitting kit (the other bits from which might be of no use)

i went to SESautoparts ( who have a few branches in the South - but any similar outfit that keeps BOSAL should be able to help