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1.2 posing as a 2.0

repost buddy but yep not that bad really , better without the spoiler and possibly normal rear lights ;)
  liquidized RacingBlue 182
not a bad attempt, but what is with the spoiler n lights lol, i think i have joined the dislikes of lexus lights! lol
  Leon Cupra R 225
good atttempt but surely after the cost to do it, it would have made sense to just buy a ph-quick 172 etc :S
Yeah it was tidy...

IIRC 17" OZ super GT's, ktec twin 3", dropped -60mm colour coded, cuo spoiler...
Was it 'Pretenders' car? His dad had a 172 i think and was a member too...

Bear in mind the guy probably modified over time, i doubt he suddenly spunked a few grand on doing it up. And has been said, there is tax and insurance to think about...

The ultimate first car i'd say, bar the lights!