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106 rallye!!!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I was driving to Edinburgh yesterday having a bit of fun on B roads (3 people in car) when this 106 rallye came right up behind me! So I floored it in 4th think I would easily pull away but this guy flew past me!!!!!! I really struggled to catch up too, there was only him in his car though!

What are these little things like, I will never under estimate one again!!

I really wanted a 1.3 Rallye but unfortunately they are really overpriced. Wicked little cars that weigh nothing at all and have 100bhp. Nice.

u sure it was a ralle?
they only come in red/blue and white.

with steel wheels....and 103bhp

if it was GRs mate.....

no wonders


  Shiny red R32

My mates is a very low yellow GTi, it is VERY fast and flies past everything. Often people think it might be a Rallye which is why I asked if it was yellow.


  Shiny red R32

I know a blue 106 GTi too, but I dont think it would have been in Coldstream yesterday as the guy who owns it works for SKIDZ tyre place in Falkirk.

There are some rarer 1.6 rallyes out there, these are quite tunable too (have a mate who lives in stoke who had one, pushing out around 150bhp!)
light and manouverable, good little car


If its yellow it was definitely a GTi. 1/4 mile in just under 16 secs out of the box and almost identical performance to the 91-96 Clio 16v.

You would have had it if youd not had the extra 150+kgs of passengers in the car. Strangley, its at high speeds that cars like the 16v/Willy/172 should leave the 106 GTi.

100bhp 1.6 Rallye was hardly any quicker than the original 1.3. Neither were a 16v unit - and the 1.6 was straight from the Saxo VTR. Better acceleration times, but not by much. So 0-60 in about 9.0+ secs, but amazing feel and handling. Was definitely not a Rallye that beat you then!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

No it was definately a Rallye! Had those white steel wheels and the funny colour graphics that the Rallye always had!

I was only in 4th when he came past me, he was probably in second or something, we had just come out of a 30 limit! But I was well impressed anyway. I caught him up and we got stuck behind another car, we both overtook together and again I was well impressed with his acceleration, I was in second this time though managed to redline it and lost some speed, so he kept ahead! Once the higher speed came into play I caught up easily.

The way he went though was not 9.0 sec 0-60 time! What about an engine transplant in these cars perhaps one from a 106 gti? That would make a mighty quick car!!!
  TT 225

I used to have a Pug rallye, the 1.3.

Loved that car, and when it met its fateful death (hit by a drunk driver) I transplanted the engine into my Saxo 1.1

Still beat VTRs

Sometimes miss my saxo... till i get in the Clio

Ben H, they made the rallye with a 1.3 and 1.6 8v, the 1.6 is a little less revvy, but you can tune it higer simply becasue of the capacity.

But they never had a 1.6 16V out of a VTR in a rallye!?? or are you talking about he GTi?

i would love a rallye!!!!

the newer shape ones though! blue, with the white wheels!!! yum!

I had a mk2 106 Rallye (1.6) before my Clio and they are brillent cars. You will not leave a well driven Rallye in a 172, unless there is some very very long straights.

For forums go to

I sold my Rallye because I was going to buy a house, decided against that and bought a 172 instead. If I still had my Rallye there is no way Id swap it for a 172.

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Stu H
After my experience I dont doubt the 106 Rallye is a good car but given equal footings I cant see a 106 Rallye keeping up with a 172! Yes I was shocked but unprepared and had 3 people in the car and a boot full of equipment. And I soon caught up!

Perhaps im wrong but it doesnt add up!

Respect to all 106s!!!!


  Shiny red R32

Agree with you there GP that the 106 Rallye wouldnt keep up with the 172 but the 106 GTi is a different matter! The blue and yellow ones that I know are just as quick if not marginally quicker than the 172 - but they have had a few tweeks here and there! I know a very quick 205 Rallye, also tweeked, which could also compete with them.

The Gtis arent a different matter the on road performance between the Rallye ans Gti is very similar.

GP-Saying you caught doesnt say anything execpt perhaps you where the better driver. And obviously it depends on the road.

But the Rallye driver will be having alot more fun than the 172 driver.


I think what were finding out here, step by step, is that there isnt that much difference out on the road between a car that is slower in theory (Pug 106 Rallye), but is being driven by an aware driver. Theres no way you could keep up if you were in 4th!!

Ben R - I did mean the Rallye had the VTR engine, not the GTi

Hi People. Yeah have to agree here, there is not much difference between a lot of cars on the road these days, my Civic Type R is only a little faster than my 172 on the road, for example.However you would lose a 106 rallye after 80 mph in a 172 though.
My 911 turbo, well thats a different matter. this thing is so fast its proposterous! Beat a 172 off the lights the other day to about 70, started off in 3rd gear just for a laugh.

bye bye