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12000 mile service

  Abarth 595 Trufeo

We have just taken our x reg 172 in to our dealer for its first 12000 mile service, having had it all day, and not the 4 hours that they first said that it would be, they came back to us and gave us the bad news.....

The rear shocks had gone and would have to be replaced, and that the rear brake pads where 90% gone, however the fronts where only 50% gone.

Shorly the fronts should go first?? Front wheel drive and the abs comes on first at the front therefore more work on them.

Has anybody got an idea as to why there is such a difference...? If so its more than the dealer had!!!

My pads were about the same but not as bad. I think the rear pads are thinner hence they will be more worn quicker!! Had this on my last car as well.

Mine were apparently 50% front & 80% rears gone... Im just as confused as you...

However - Take a look at them yourself though the wheel & dont change them until u can see very little material left...

I told them to leave them alone - and i just done 3100 miles & still going strong...

Mines exactly the same and I can confirm that the rear pads have about half as much meat on them than the front as I just picked up a brand new set yesterday.

Ive done 11,000 miles. I changed the wheels around front to back on Tuesday read for the track day tomorrow. I took the opportunity to check the pads and there is loads left both front and rear.

Ive had 1 track session and 1 day at an airfield where the brakes have taken quite a heavy hammering. As rjs1000 said - Id check them yourself to confirm.

On a similar note I was speaking to a chap at the weekend who works for Honda. He said that dealers will try and replace something if they dont think it will last until the next service. So in effect you could still have another 8,000 miles left in them.