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15s 0r 17s

  VW Passat 170 sport
any considerered with good Tyres and quite a lot of spokes, like maybe TSW Pace, etc...tht sort of style.

Thanks Joel


Well I got 15" TSW Heats on my MK1, and they are a bluddy tight fit, so I'm guessing 17" could mean a bit of work.
  Golf R soon...
I wouldn't put 17's on a 1.2 it would kill what performance you had on your car besides 15's would look really good if you lowered it enough

I used to own a 1.2 8v active sport Punto and I put 17's on it, the damn thing couldn't reach 90mph on the dual carriageway :mad:
mine are for sale end in an hour mate on ebay section cheers 15's for sure!! lower to deck for a subtle euro look
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Show or go?

If you want show, fit 17s. Bigger wheels look good. People who don't actually know anything about the subject, ie, most people, think they're better. So if you want to impress most people, that's what to fit.

If you want go, fit 15s, they're lighter. Lighter wheels do everything better.

If you don't know, can't make up your mind, are indecisive, fit 16s.
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