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172 Colours

Anybody know if Renault will change or add to the four standard colours of the 172 in the forseable future? Only I want a standard 172 in that Cup blue.

And Renault would do that would they?

It has to be said that a choice of only four colours for the top end model is kinda poor. Why arent all the colours from the range available on 172s?
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If the new 172 was in Citrus Green or Dune, it may look like any other model in the Clio range, to the untrained eye.

172 owners might wish to stand out from the rest.


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I have to agree with you Dash, limiting the colours keeps them a bit more exclusive and easily recognisable on the road.

Apart from black that is! But then you usually get a black in most makes of car. Looks great when kept clean.


My renault dealer was happy to get my car sprayed in 172 silver, instead of that dull platinum colour of the normal clios. I decided to stay with black though as it doesnt contrast with the non-colour coded bumpers and spoiler. You may have to pay a bit to get the privelege, like however much it costs to get metallic/pearlescent



i doubt that renault would interupt their production lines for you!!

sorry mate but it would cost them too much

lol not unless you have a bloke who cleans your car for you :)

They have to swap paint all the time anyway so what would be the problem?? As i said my dealer said it would be ok


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I have, its called my GF ...

I just have a :sleep: while shes doing it.. let her use warm water though so that her hands dont get too cold.. cause thats the nice kind of guy i am

lol @ kdf

Yeah, a mobile cleaner called steve. It only costs a tenner (inside and out) cos he does all 5 cars in the family, and he waxes it for a fiver more. Id do it myself but first off, im lazy and second of all i think he has quite a hard job, so i feel guilty! He does a good job.
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Quote: Originally posted by kis172 on 10 January 2003

only two really unseen colours on a 172 - Exclusive Green and Yellow! rest are common as sh1te!!!! ;)
Have to disagree with you a wee bit kis. The Exclusive green in my opinion is a boring, typical family saloon colour, therefore the Exclusive may be seen as a normal un-sporty model. Gone are the days when Bottle green said BRG, Fast & Special.

Now the Yellow is way out in front. When I see a yellow Clio I think Fast, Sporty, 172 without a doubt.

Maybe Renault should have made a more obvious difference to the 172, whatever the colour.