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  1. K

    Kangoo 172 cranking but not firing

    Hello all, I have just purchased a converted Kangoo with a 172 lump in it. Absolutely love it BUT it doesn't work. It is cranking strongly but will not turn over. There are no immobiliser lights on the dash - there is an aftermarket immobiliser but it appears this is off. Coil pack is...
  2. TheBandit

    The Bandit | Monaco 172

    After lurking for 7 years I have found myself in a position to do something stupid with my money. I could invest in a OEM spec Clio, keep it tasteful and sit on it as an 'investment'. Or buy something outrageous and hopefully have a lot of fun... The spec sheet is on the forum from some old...
  3. B

    Intermittent no start situation

    Hello. I'm having some problems again, a bit of a weird one. It can work fine for a couple of days, then not at all. it will crank for a couple secs when it decides to not work, but the cut out. Sometimes, i turn it over a couple more times and it starts right up, sometimes id cranks for two...
  4. H

    Attempting clutch on 172, advice needed!!

    G'day all, My 172 clutch is at 200,000km, and starting to show signs of dying. You can depress the clutch fully and the clutch is still slightly engaged, and if you have it in first, it will start creeping forward, and reverse is impossible to get into without turning the car off and back on...
  5. O

    Rear stub axle shims

    Hi team I need a couple of stub axle shims to sort a toe in/out issue on my 172. Problem is ... PMS and Kamracing want at least 75 quid o_O to ship those little things to where I'm at, in Australia. I can't find any locally, sadly. Near as I can work out via the interweb, Royal Mail is less...
  6. S

    ANOTHER lumpy 172

    Hi all! Hoping for some suggestions on what to check out to narrow down my idle issue. I recently picked up a P2 172 that’s done ~180k kms. Since I’ve owned it it’s had a pretty rough idle, which I’ve heard is common on these cars but recently it’s gotten worse to the point where it stalls...
  7. S

    172 Cup (HK52 ZFH)

    Hi! Collected a 172 Cup in mondial blue last week so thought I’d start a project thread. The cars been on the forum previously. It was rebuilt with high compression Wossner pistons, CatCams 438 cams, ARP bolts, poly bushes and some other goodies 20k ago. My plans are to cosmetically tidy the car...
  8. H

    Nearside low speed vibration

    Howdy all, have myself a clip 172, is lowered a bit and I've just had the timing belt done. Whenever the car is travelling straight at sub 20kmh and you foot it, it seems as if there's a vibration like a stuffed tie rod or unbalanced wheel, and goes away above 40kmh and doesn't return, it seems...
  9. Mattjenkins12

    172 Cup Project (YF03 EEC)

    Thought i'd do a thread for my 172 Cup... Purchased on 29.12.2021 from a private seller in Keighley, 99,474 miles and completely original. Car was in a condition you would expect for being 18 years old, and French. Purchased from a guy that had it since 2018 and kept it in dry storage, did...
  10. S

    New member looking for a 172/182

    Hi all I’ve always been a fan of the Renault sport from when my older brother owned a clio Williams back in the day. Just had a few questions. I’m looking for a 182 or a 172. Is there much difference in prices in Similar condition? Is there much difference in both cars or both on par? Any...
  11. F

    Need GEARBOX info

    Okay so I’be been looking for a gearbox for a while now but I a bit confused as which will fit mine, I know it’s been discussed before but there is something I don’t understand and I can’t find any answers, so I have a 182 2004 so I need a JC5 130 although first question, Could I fit in a jc5...
  12. I

    Clio 172 Cambelt - which one?

    My car is a (PH2) 172 cup with no air conditioning. Can someone drop a link for the correct place to pick up the right items for my car? Everything needed for a full cambelt / aux belt service. Found the right person to do the work for me, just need to gather all the bits! :)
  13. D

    Rally car

    How’s things lads, new here from Ireland I have a clio 172 rally car Running slightly bigger injectors, uprated fuel rail, gripper diff, 5:1 cwp, avo adjustable coil-overs all around I just want ideas of what else to do with it? It’s a quick reliable car but I’d like a small bit more power...
  14. I

    Quite a bit of work! (172 cup)

    I am looking to have quite a bit of work done at once my car is due a full service including Cambelt, aux belts etc, oil, coolant, etc etc. basically all the usual it’s a 172 cup The car does not have air conditioning I also need brake discs and pads all round (front and rear) being a 172 cup...
  15. Liambo-235

    172 Ph2 Project clean up - Silver

    Back in a Renault again.. A little history (if this bores you scroll down for the car ;)). My first car back in 2006 was a black Clio mk2 Campus Sport 1.2 16v and loved that car, I then bought a Clio 197 R27 ex demo that I then kept for 3 years and was a very clean car. Photos below..I've been...
  16. K

    172 helicopter rattle

    Hi guys wondering if anyone can help? I’ve just bought myself a tidy 172 Clio phase 1. All was good however after a long drive on the motorway I started getting a progressively loud helicopter rattle sound from the front near side. Everything seems tight and In place. the noise only seems to...
  17. G

    Clio Cup Race Car Mk1 for sale

    Hello fellow Clio rs fans! I have somewhat of a forgotten gem for sale, the very 1st Clio rs in history. Registered in week 50 of 1990, this was made a year before the road car went on sale. A genuine RS Factory race car with less than 22,000 miles, an MOT and even the factory Renault Clio Cup...
  18. L

    Question about Clio 172 steering

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a car and I've recently driven a 2002 clio (172 I think or clio 2). I was just wondering if the steering being light is by default or if it's a problem with the car I drove. The only other car I've tried was a Peugeot 206 and the steering was a little bit more stiff...
  19. S

    K4M project daily

    Hello everyone, new guy in the forum and to the clio scene coming from croatia. I own a ph1 clio k4m 1.6 16v dynamic, completley stock except oz superturismo 16" wheels that i got with the car when i bought it. The car looks stupid with stock suspension and those rims and also it is very soft...
  20. O

    Alternator and aux belt

    Howdy give mind Ph2 ‘02 172 has what look like new belts and is driving very well. No documented service history until I got my hands on it. No idea if the previous owner or the one before did this, but the alternator top bolt is missing so the alternator is sitting on the metal a/c pipe and...
  21. P

    Clio 172 Cup Windscreen replacement- Mystery solved!

    Hi all, To provide some help and guidance out there to owners who need to replace their 172 CUP windscreen, I have just been through this process (due to a crack) and it is not straight forward in terms of making sure the right one is fitted. If you provide your registration and chassis...
  22. N

    Phase 1 Clio 172 - Worth it?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. There's a Phase 1 Clio for sale on the interwebs for £5,700. Looks clean, 85k miles, almost original. Is it worth the high price tag? Or am I dreaming?
  23. F

    Steering 'notchy' turning right only

    Hello! My 172 cup steering has become 'notchy' with intermittent resistance turning right. Left is absolutely fine. It feels very odd. I've recently had the gearbox out, so had the subframe dropped down. My uninformed guess is that the rack might be damaged. Anyone else experienced anything...
  24. D

    New to the scene / 182

    Hiya! My name's Calum, I'm living in north Essex and just a couple months back in April I bought my first ever track toy/weekend car: a stripped out Clio 182. This is my second ever owned car and I'm really happy with it; I drive it alongside my first car, a mk1 Yaris d4d. Similar size but...
  25. C

    All I need to turbo my 172

    Hey guys! just got a bone stock 172, I already have somewhat idea of what I might need to turbo my 172, but as there are people who have already done that, I wanted to ask exactly what I need to do it or any recommended turbo kits or other thing to look up to (like forged internals and other...
  26. A

    Rust rear wheel arch

    Hi all, New here but I was eyeing up a Clio 172 and they guy sent me this picture and said it's a result of a scrape around a few months back. If so I imagine it'll just be surface rust but you never know. Asking price is lower because it needs tyres and oil change plus this issue. Does...
  27. Asher172

    Driver Side Engine Mount Bracket Bolts. Sizing?

    Hi All, Currently doing quite a bit of work on my engine bay. Powdercoating brackets, general tidy up. Im looking to see if any one knows the bolt type for the driver side engine mounts. Which bolt onto the engine bay. The 4 large bolts. Whether theyre a special renault bolt or if theyre...
  28. P

    Backfire, Misfire, no EML and low power

    Hi all, having a few issues with my 172 and wondering if anyone can offer some advice? Was out and about the other day, when I noticed a backfire, misfire, no EML and heavily underpowered. I’ve been through the basics, checked the injectors (resistance at around 14 Ohms on all, plus all seem...
  29. S

    Searching for my old 172 Cup

    Hi guys, this is a long shot but I’m trying to track down my old 172 Cup, registration L999SCW. I sold it about 10 years ago when it picked up a major engine fault and I didn’t have the money to put it right. I’ve done a check and it was MOTd this year but currently SORN and after a bit of...
  30. tadas

    From gravel to road 172 PH1

    Good day all! It has been pretty much seven years since I have posted here on the forum about my gravel Clio rs 172. Basically, I have raced it in snow, ice, and gravel. I was not kind at all to it. It does have quite a few special bits to it, and it even has a special VIN number. Good bits...