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  1. Iamhiding

    Odd brake pressure issue non cup 172 ph2

    Hi guys, just want to bounce this off someone. Clio 172 ph2 non cup with abs. I’m no stranger to rebuilding bike/car brakes etc, spent more time doing it than I care to think about although I’m less familiar when it comes to abs systems. So the story, Brakes were fine prior to this. few...
  2. Asher172

    Finally an official member

    Hi All, Now 've been lurking on this forum for just under a year as a 'free' member. But ive honestly found this forum to be an absolute godsend. As of about 15 mins ago, im now a full paying member. I have already started a build thread on my 172, feel free to take a look below! Click Here...
  3. mtph1pb_001


    Work car park things
  4. I

    PH2 172 stealth exhaust - how many are there? and which one!

    As the title suggests I’d like to know what choices there are (currently, Feb 2020) looking for something quiet, and not too chav looking :unsure: My car is a 172 cup (so ph2) and I think it currently has a straight through exhaust with some backward pointing tips on the current back box...
  5. MaddRT

    Maddy's PB Ph1 172 Track Inspired Show Car & Weekend Toy

    Hi all, So I've made a post over @ 'New to forum' area with some background so check that out if you're interested in some context I started recording my project last year on Instagram under @m444drt which I plan to still update as I go down to convenience as I'm more of the millennial...
  6. MaddRT

    New Member Clio 172 Ph1 M444DRT, South Wales

    Hi all, I've been on numerous Renault OC's on Facebook for years with previously owning Twingos (GT & RS) so I thought it best to make an account & introduce myself here I've owned my project ph1 since 2017. Some details below: Registered Nov 2000 original reg X821 SNW Titanium Silver 150,000...
  7. E

    Clio 172 Engine Out

    Hi chaps, My missus' 172 that we just bought is due for its belts to be done as well as the dephaser and water pump, from what I've read, it's easier to do the belts by taking the engine out. Has anyone got any tips for taking out the engine for the belts? Would it be easier to take it out of...
  8. E

    Clio 172 electrics died whilst driving

    Hi chaps, On saturday me and my missus went and picked up a 172 Clio for her as a new daily (she doesnt do much mileage) and all was honky doory, however, we had done about 17 miles (wet evening), I was just putting the high beams on and bam, all of the dash lights went out, the radio went out...
  9. Captain Hat

    Engine starts to misfire when it warms up- 172 Cup

    So, my 172 Cup. Started misfiring but only does it when the engine's up to temperature. Replaced the lambda sensor as it'd needed it for a while. Replaced the spark plugs. Checked the injectors. Replaced the HT leads. Replaced the coil pack (twice). Put it into a garage to see if they...
  10. Asher172

    Iceberg Silver 172 - First Track Car Build

    Hi All and welcome to my Clio Mk2 172 build. To give a brief background, ive had a few cars now which ive built/modified mainly for 'stance' and 'show' purposes, ranging from Civics, e36's to my most recent being an R34 Skyline. As ive gotten a little older and bored of the show scene, ive had...
  11. H

    Poor ignition when warm

    Hi all, Firstly I’ve had a little search through the forum but can’t seem to find much on this issue. I’ve recently picked up my first Clio Sport 172, all belts and pulleys have just been replaced by a specialist. From cold the car starts fine from the first turn of the key. However, once it...
  12. estiaeye

    Few of my 172 at an airfield in "Buochs"

    The first few sunny days here in switzerland brought us some really beautiful sunsets. Pictures taken with @Tiago-F1 and his liquid yellow 197 F1. :)
  13. M

    RenaultSport Clio 182 geo/tracking settings

    Hi, this is my first post. I own a RenaultSport Clio 182 55 plate in black gold. it has under 70k on the clock and is well looked after. I live in Hull, just off willerby road. I have had my Clio for around 4 years now and up to now, nothing has really gone wrong. I have mainly maintained it...
  14. CliosportCal

    Cals Boring Iceberg 172

    Firstly I will indroduce myself, I'm Cal (@CliosportCal on Instagram) I have been involved with the modified car scene for just over two years, my first car was a Clio 1.2 which I highly modified visually, slammed very low and made into a 172 rep. I then stripped the 1.2 back to standard...
  15. Justin Hunter

    Metal Grinding Noise Around Timing Area?

    Hi all, recently my 172 has developed an issue around the timing belt area it sounds like a metal scraping noise kind of like a bearing has gone don't believe it is the dephaser but was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? The timing belt and water pump were done 2 years ago by...
  16. L

    Headlights v6 optic or casual? Clio 172

    Hello. So unfortunately i've had smaller accident with my car few weeks ago. My left headlight got damaged in the crash so i am going to change my headlights. So my question is should i replace only left one with the casual one or should i get two with lenses and sell the old one? Btw, right one...
  17. C

    Clio RS 182 Track Car

    I and a friend just picked up a 182 for very cheap as we know the guy who owns a couple of them! Body work isn't in perfect shape, dent on the bonnet and a few scrapes but it's pretty much track ready! Coilovers, decat with a map to suit, a nice intake. The previous owner said it was originally...
  18. 3

    Cooksports/Eibach + Koni Yellow or B14 for trackday use only Clio RS2 172?

    Hi guys, Iam thinking about suspension upgrade on my Clio RS2 172 becouse I feel much body roll when pushing too hard on track and tires are worn at outter side. Track driving only hobby, trying to self improve, trackdays 4-5 days per year (around 1200km/year track). Public roads only becouse...
  19. A

    Decatted but needs MOT

    Hello guys, I have recently bought a 172 sport cup and it has a toyo stainless manifold 4-2-1 which runs straight to a 3” power flow system that goes to a small rear silencer and exits the car. It also has no 02 sensor so the engine warning light appears on the dash I am wondering what people...
  20. Hazza462

    172 Sump Guard

    Wanting to see what sump guards people are using to get inspiration on making/buying one for my car. I've seen the PMS and OMP ones but they're both very expensive for what it is really.. so avoiding those and will probably end up making one. Just curious what and how other people have made...
  21. C

    My Iceberg Silver 172

    Hi all, New to this so just thought I'd say hello to you guys and get to know a bit more about the scene! I have recently purchased a 172. My first car was a 1.2 8 valve (god it was slow) and I always dreamed about a sport. Many cars have since been purchased but 2 years of driving later and...
  22. Armchairracer

    New member from Manchester .

    Hi ..been on here for a while but I've just become a paid up member..i have a Phase 1 Exclusive ( 133) ..its basically a toy that I sprint and hillclimb and occasionally embarrass my teenage daughter's when I pick them up ?..ive had it 2 years and it's just done 82ish thousands miles iirc..its...
  23. Ryannn982

    Trying to diagnose whether my timing has slipped.

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit stumped with this issue so hoping someone can help! Got a 2003 172 that I’ve been planning to use for motorsport. Unknown timing belt history and I’ve only had it a few weeks. Driving it particularly hard today and under deceleration I hear a large metallic rumbling...
  24. O

    Clio 172 Ph1 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm desperately looking for a 172 Ph1 front bumper. I own a Clio 172 with (awful) Elia front bumper for quite some time now but this year I was told at MOT that the car has to be fitted with OEM bumper (or at least one looking more "normal") - otherwise it will have to scrapped & used...
  25. X

    Clio 1.2 Pearl Black From Portugal

    So as my first car i got myself a mk2 1.2 , it was completely stock , well it still is kinda. No the fastest car , but the fastest i've ever driven 😂 One of the first mods (I already had them before buying the car) , was the w5w rgb bulbs . I know the car is super dirty this...
  26. P

    Clio 172/182 - Which one to buy? Which model will be worth more in 10 years?

    Hi all, I believe this is my first ever post on here, i am looking to purchase a 172 or 182 in he next few weeks. Around 8 years ago i owned a 172 Cup and i still regret selling it and need a Clio Sport back in my life. I was looking at 205 gti's but they are already too expensive. My work...
  27. I

    172 timing issues

    Good evening chaps. Hope all is well? Wondering if any 1 could help please? I am having problems with the timing on my 172 51 plate. Timed up the cams ok with the bar but it's just the crank I am having trouble with.... Tdc the silver smaller pin will go into the location hole through the block...
  28. Carlos_2017

    172 decat pipe

    Hiya lads/ladies, Any suggestions on how to get to the spring bolts from the manifold to the cat? I have very limited space and no access to ramps :( I can just about get to them, but it’s a right ball ache! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers Guys!
  29. G Hut

    My Ph1 172....

    Hi all Newbie to site and loving all the info available so thought would share my 172 Ph1 progress after getting the car earlier this month 75k from new, registered Sep 2000 so 17 years old, with good history and seems all original apart from some yellow springs that seem to have lowered it...
  30. Carlos_2017

    Clio 172 rear wheel bearing

    Hi all, Went to change my rear discs earlier, upon removal of the drivers side, lots of broken pieces of metal fell out. I carried on reassembling the brakes, and then got the hub nut tight, still some wobble in the disc somewhere. Is there a spacer or something I’m missing?! Thanks in advance!!