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172 Cup engine bay loom changes

  Mondial Blue 172 Cup
Hi guys,
Been running into some difficulties with my 172 cup.
Back story is I bought an immaculate 172 cup back in 2019 which turned out to be quite rotten. Got given a rolling shell so reshelled it to the point where it was running in limp mode however another car i wanted came up so I sold it to a friend.
Bought it back a few weeks ago still in limp mode. The engine loom is out of a 2003 172 cup but the engine bay loom and all the others are from the rolling shell which is a 2002.
I discovered that the wire colours have changed, the plug on the left os from the 2002 car,on the right is the 2003.
The faults I've got are throttle pedal position and o2 sensor Bank 1. When i put the plug from the loom on the right onto the one that's on the car it also came up with vehicle speed sensor fault.
Was just wondering if anyone knew exactly what the differences are?
I've got the joyous job today of putting the 2003 engine bay loom on the car.