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172 Cup Front Springs/Dampers


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup

More newbie q's !

I’m going to change the front dampers and wondered how to figure out if I need to change the springs as well ? Is it just if they are really rusty or
is there any other way to tell ? Excuse my ignorance here !

Also if I do need to change the springs – are the 172 Cup springs the same as the standard 172 springs ? No ride height changes wanted here though.

Finally I have seen this guide –

Which is great, but says - *Note* - I would also suggest replacing the upper mounting nut at the top of the strut arms and also the lower hub-to-strut nuts too as they have a plastic seal collar.*

Where / what do I get here please ?



ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
172 Cup Springs are no longer supplied by Renault France / Renault UK so the only way is second hand.

You can buy genuine cup dampers online new.