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172 CUP - NC03YYP

  3 series, 172 Cup
Hi everyone!

Recently I started a thread on whether to buy a clio exclusive, I then changed my mind when I found out a mechanic friend of mine has decided to sell his 172 Cup. He bought it on eBay and had a list as long as his arm to fix. Mechanically it is sound after he has serviced it and it has a fresh MOT but could do with the exterior getting tidied up which is what I plan on doing.

Few quick questions and any advice is great!

1) Does anyone recognise the reg? NC03YYP. It was registered near Newcastle/North East England
2) What insurance companies do people use? I'm 27 with 3 points on my license with 2 years no claims. Compare the market etc are the usual go toos but anyone have any experience with the likes of specific insurance companies?
3) Turinis could do with a refurb. Any inspiration out there? Like the idea of standard silver to keep it OEM looking otherwise I like the idea of a dark bronze colour


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  172 cup + more
Looks good, I use greenlight insurance, I think Neil from greenlight is on or was on this forum. I've had good service from them. Regarding the turinis I'd go for silver OEM spec (but then I am biased!)

Will look forward to updates!
  3 series, 172 Cup
Did you guys use spacers? I have heard a few other people using spacers to give the car a more aggressive look but I quite like it as it is.

Who do you use to insure the car?