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172 track car buyers help

  Golf gti
Hi guys,

Looking at buying a 172 track car currently, if not this one then possibly a different one later on.
What advice can you give to look out for? Rust? Engine/gearbox/clutch issues? Specific type of maintenance?
Also... ktec coilovers? I know ktec are a big dog in the renault tuning world but are these coils any good? I don't like to go over board on track setups so I don't mind a capable cheaper set but if they're just for lowering and not really suitable that is an extra expensive I need to cater for.
Any other advice then shoot!


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
1*2’s are great out of the box but you need to remember, they’re 15+ years old now and most will need a complete suspension refresh.
whatever you buy, buy it based on the condition and the service history. I’d much rather a 150,000 mile well maintained car than a 50k car that’s just had an oil change once every 5 years. The engines are bullet proof.

cambelts are a big expensive job; £600 all in. Due every 5 years/72k.

K-Tec coilovers are useless for the track. Avoid.

buy off a club member, something with a recent suspension refresh, decent discs pads and tyres and you’re 90% of the way there.

they also respond really well to weight reduction. So don’t be afraid to buy something at least semi stripped; you’ll want to do that anyway.

good luck!! I love my clio track car, can’t see me ever selling it.