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2 Awesome races in 2 days

Not me obviously as I have no intention of demonstrating the raw power of my 1.4 any time soon.

But I did witness 2 excellent races between other cars at the weekend

1st one was a Honda NSX vs a BMW M3 (New shape) I came off the motorway onto a big fast island where the lights were on red. Next to me was this red NSX and I was just staring at it (I love em) when this silver M3 came up behind me. As soon as the lights went green I moved over and they continued to the next set of lights now on red. So picture it theres an NSX with me behind it and next to us the M3. The exit is infront of us straight onto a nice Nat. Speed limit road a couple of miles til anything really. Gree light and both went for it big time. I was ragging the tits of my poor clio just so I could stay within view of them and watch the proceedings very nice. Couldnt tell who got the better but I didnt care, the noise with the windows down was absolutely awesome.

2nd race coming back from Merryhill and I pull up to some lights behind an evo 6 lined up next to a new Elise. The lights go green and the elise goes for it shortly followed by the evo. (Holy sh!t can those Elises move!) To be fair the elise got a very good start and I couldnt tell if the evo driver was really up for it to start with but he definately went for it as soon as he realised a race was on. Any way the elise caned him.

Excuse the essay

Ive driven an elise (a lucky b*****d friend of mine has one) and theyre not that quick on acceleration. An evo should leave one for dead. Theyre as quick as anything round corners and on the brakes though. (as long as youve got a 400kg brake foot)

Agree with SteveJJH. Have driven both Elise and Evo 6 Tommi Mak. Evo would destroy an elise once moving. Evo driver wasnt obviously up for it.

My mates now thinking of getting the turbo technics supercharger, that would probably mean it would at least keep up with an evo till 100 (12.5 secs). It costs 5 gs though.