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20% Discount on Claybars

  Audi TT 3.2 V6
Just found this on Ford ST Owners Club...Figure it would be rude for us to not make use of it :)

Hello all,
i've spoken to Rob and Ali from, and they're giving their customers 20% off claybars!
I've asked them if I can extend the offer to the forum, and they've said yes, so here it is!
Here's what they say:

With discounted prices starting from just £7.99 for a large 100g
bar and including FREE DELIVERY. When you compare this to the
size of some of the bars you get in other kits (usually 50 - 80g), you
can see what great value they are. And this discount is only available
to you and our other customers direct from this email by using the
links below.

To claim your loyalty discount simply add the coupon code below when purchasing a claybar or product on the link below, and 20% will be taken off the price.

This offer is likely to be extremely popular with many of our
customers, especially those of you who already know and
appreciate the benefits of using clay bars and we would encourage
you to take advantage of it TODAY, as we can only keep it open
until midnight Monday the 11th August or whilst stocks last,
whichever comes first.

The coupon code to use is:


Please ensure the C and B are in capitals.

Happy claying.
nice. Shame they dont sell megs agressive red. Best s**t there is imo, talk about paintwork marring.

Im tempted to get one of the clay kits to try out lol. I just dont know which is the most agressive.


ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
Get it just for the little box lol!
Bought 2 bars for the fleet