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2011 RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup

Ash J

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Hi all,

This is not my car, just putting it up there on behalf of my neighbour's son.

Wondered if anybody would be interested in this Clio 200 Cup he has for sale?

Details I have at the moment to hand:

200 Cup in White
Just under/over 50k miles
MOT expired about a week ago

He hasn't got it advertised anywhere at the moment; I know he has recently bought an M240i and works abroad a fair bit I believe so has not had the time to advertise it anywhere.

I don't have anymore details than the above at the moment, which I got from his mum (my neighbour).

I have had a look around the car on the outside, and it is very straight, no dents, and there are only a couple of minor marks which I have pictured (on front bumper and rear bumper), but very minor. Otherwise yes needs a detail, but looks clean.

Alloys could certainly do with being refurbished.

There is absolutely zero wear on the bolsters on the Recaro's - cleanest seats I have seen.

I think she mentioned he has a spare set of wheels and tyres to go with the car (do not have details on which ones, but could find out I'm sure).

MOT expired about a week ago. It has done minimal mileage since last MOT as it is a second car, and has been sat outside since I moved in here (2 months ago). MOT history shows the last MOT only had an advisory for windscreen damage/chip, so I expect with lack of mileage since last MOT it wouldn't need much.

I recall when I spoke to him briefly before Christmas, that he mentioned belts have been done and has full history (again, would need to confirm).

Anyway, nothing in this for me, just purely putting it up to see if anybody might be interested.

Think she mentioned somewhere around £4.5k but there is likely movement on this, I don't know exactly what his bottom line would be. I don't know myself exactly what it is worth, but without having an MOT and given he has a new car, somebody might be able to get a cheap car.

If interested, please message me and I will get contact details for him to pass onto you.

Please don't waste my time messaging me unless you are genuinely interested in it, as I am doing this purely as a favour for a neighbour.


Clio 1.jpg

Clio 2.jpg

Clio 3.jpg

Clio 4.jpg

Clio 5.jpg

Clio 6.jpg

Clio 7.jpg

Clio 8.jpg

Clio 9.jpg

Clio 10.jpg


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That looks a cracking buy tbf. If I was in the market I would definitely be interested. Recaros, miles and history a bonus. Worth the asking tbh.


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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Someone on here should buy that. Needs a few bits but the pros definitely out weigh the negatives. Glwts.