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220 Clio tuning West Midlands?

  Renault Clio
Hi guys. I posted a couple of months ago regarding selling my Clio to get something faster but I’ve decided to stick with the Clio for at least another year. Just wondering if you know anyone that does any tuning? I live in the Black Country. My old Fiesta ST had the MP215 remap and was great but wondering what I could have done to the Clio? Can it take much more power? I looked at a link on a previous post but the link took me to a site in another language. Any feedback would be appreciated. If 220 is as ‘safe’ as it goes I’ll stick with it but a bit more power would be useful :)

Ol’ Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
  Clio 220 Trophy
There's a guy on Facebook who supplies hybrid turbos. RS tuning in Leeds will fit and map it. With supporting mods it'll do 280. That's where I'd be spending my money if I was modding mine