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3 cars - help

right - time for a new motor, well, family car anyway. i know theres alot of differnt car owners on here so id like an opinion on 3 motors.

1. focus rs
2. CTR
3. 172

the focus comes with alot of cool crap but price wise its at least 8k more than the other 2

any opinions more than welcome


Boot space on a 172 is utter rubbish for a family...especially if young kids. It would have to be the Focus or CTR. Personally, between the two Id have the Focus, but thats mainly because I hate the overlight steering of the CTR.
If I was buying a family motor, I wouldnt get a Clio. Definitely!

OK, the CTR *looks* like an MPV, but there aint that much room in the rear. Its OK, but if you compare it with, say, a Scenic (a proper family car), theres just no comparison. Luckily, I have a Scenic for the wife & kids.......and I should be swopping my 306 Rallye for a Cup. As soon as I can get a decent test drive, to make sure alls well......
  Leon Cupra

Boot space in the clio is crap, i went to Sheffield for one weekend and the boot was cramed full with just my own stuff in. No good when taking the kids down to the beach you will need a trailer LOL. Think the CTR might be the best option cheeper that the Ford and just as quick.


heh soz i should have made it clear - when i said family car i meant its for me mum, i had to give her my old mk5 escort when she wrote off her polo 16v but the escort has definatly seen better days and i have a funny feeling its gona give up the ghost soon lol sorta like - new GB, clutch, rack, suspension, mounts etc - alot of money basically and for a car that aint worth it. so my plan is to buy something for her thats top of its class and that aint gona depreciate that much.

now ive driven rens b4 and know the crap that comes with bad mechanics - things always goin wrong and expensive parts n labour. but then i think im gona have the same issue if i bought something jap like the civic type R, maybe not the things goin wrong but expensive parts that got me thinking about the focus rs. good reliable ford, not the best but ok build quality plus nice n safe cars (for the car destroyer known as me mum).
now i know they have alot of rally inpired systems running on the new rs, such as the quaife diff they are running, mcpherson struts etc, brembo i might have the same issue with the parts there.

i dunno, wot u lot think?


nah thats exactly what i dont wanna do - plus im not really a williams fan, drove one a while back and didnt think much to em - my 19 williams is a much better ride. each to there own n all that.

wouldnt buy another VW unless it was that rs32 golf.......but thats even more expensive than the focus.

dont really wanna buy another second hand car either.


corollar T-sport
Skoda Octavia RS

if its for your mum......hell, i would take the Skoda! its really a very good car.

if its safety,the new laguna? we just go ours in and its fully loaded. we get the privalegde model for 14K whilst you pay 21-22k!!!!!

deal is, were not allowed to export to the UK.....but im sure a few wioll make it across..i.e. my GFs parents!!! haha