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30-70 time

Not exactly the most accurate, but with a stopwatch, rolling from second gear, I got between 5.9 and 7.0, average 6.5 secs over several runs on a stright flat road with half a tank.

My prevous car, a Fiat Coupe 20V turbo did it in a smidge over 5 seconds, it could get to 70 in 2nd and had 220+bhp, so the Clios not too bad in that respect.

calm down lads - its 6.1 secs for the v6 and 7 for the 172...

But this is still pretty damn good... and exlains how ive managed to keep up with the likes of tvrs and 911s (nonturbo) from a rolling start - u of course need to catch them in the wrong gear... (i.e 3rd instead of 2nd) - still pisses them off ahhaha