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  BMW F31
i own a 1.6 16v mk2 ph1, do you think with -40mm lowering springs and 16" wheels the wheels wont scrub? anyone got any pics of -40mm lowering before and after piccys please :cool: ;)
  Honda Civic Type R '02
shouldn't rub no. Maybe a little on full lock.
But depends on all sorts of stuff. Like wheel Offset, tyre profile height, tyre width.
To know for sure u shud ask someone who has done exactly what u want to do.

If noone can tell u for sure, go for it, its not an outrageous drop so i would think it will b ok, worst comes to worst buy some -25mm springs and fit them.
smillie said:
CS should create a whole seperate forum for:

lowering + ##" wheels - will they fit?
Good point might be worth asking in admin area. As you say it come up a lot.

40mm should be fine depend on offset of whells I was lowered 60mm on coilovers and it had no trouble on stock height and 5mm differetn offset the rear arches have worn away though slightly.


I'm -60mm with 16's running 205 tyres with no rubbing whatsoever. Offset of mine are ET45.
  Lots of Alfas
Ive got -40mm Apex on my car with 16's and no scrubbing at all.


  BMW F31
cheers for the replys guys, eviljohn those pics are perfect cos at the mo i have the 16v 3/6 spoke 14" alloys and wanted to see what they'd look like with a 40mm drop. thanks again guys
  Renault Clio
yeh man i have a mk2 ph1 and its slammed 60mm on 16s and its all good, didnt loose full lock or nothing and like someone said your even good for 205mm wide tyres, im only running 195 but still you should be fine man.

I orginally lowered mine 35f 30r on just springs then thought is still didnt look low enough, new i could easily get away with 60mm. So i bought a whole new kit was the best thing ever lol!

If im really honest i recon i could go 20mm at the front and i duno at the back, would probly rub on full lock maybe with a total of 80mm i duno