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6 speed sequential box

Of course, sure k-tec will do it for you. Have to ask why you would bother though? And it wont equal 0-60 in 10.5 seconds, they only weight 980kg.

but you could still have the same drive ability as you have now if you wanted !!! 6 sped box dont just mean that it accelerates faster



:pno no no

bu a clio van rolling shell from renault £2000

buy the 172 engine £1000

buy the box £7000

total cost £10,000

:D :p

and its all to do with gear ratios that make it un driveable now if you were using a dog box it would be harder due to no syncromesh

Quote: Originally posted by telford_mike on 05 March 2003

Have you ever tried the Cup Racer?

I have and the example i drove was sh*t. BenR assures me its quite good though so ill put it down to a badly treated car.

yes but the gearbox in the cup racer is like 7k on its own then add the shell, engine, cage, fire system, suspension, wheels, dash, seats etc etc your looking at about 23k+
  Renault Laguna Coupe

BenR will tell us later - I know for a fact it was cheaper than a standard 172 last time he mentioned it though.

Bearing in mind the Cup racer isnt built for profit..

Think about all the stuff it doesnt have over a 172, a Cup costs a few grand less than a 172 despite having some changes, so its not unreal that a Cup Racer would cost no more than a Cup when it loses everything! The engine ASFAIK has better breathing but not much else, brakes are from the laguna with more abrasive pads. Suspension neednt cost a bomb ..11k sounds about right in my view.

Cupsize? - I looked into this very seriously late on last year, and was on the edge of setting up the deal to get it fitted, but I did some good research and found the you really would have to go for the semi helical box to keep the noise down, which has virtually fixed ratios, and 1st is far too long, stretches upto 50mph(!), in the straight-cut box you can choose the ratios completely but the noise from it is crazy, so after some testing side by side in CarTest, the results for the semi box were just not that good, the gain is no where near as big as you can get when choosing the ratios and not worth the money, so, if you want it go for the straight cut, but factor in the cost of buying helmets with very good intercoms for you and all your passengers ! :eek: LoL

normal box is good for about 250bhp.

The sadev unit is fine, its not only full throttle change, and down changed using the cluth makes life very easy. Only downsite is transmission knock and judder, the whine and in traffic use.

You wont get neat the 11 sec 0-100 time.....your missing slicks and have far too much weight. Gears alone dont mean 4 spd XR2 is faster to 60 than the 5 speed MK2.

IF you can prove a need for the cupracer then theya re cheaper form the facotry than a std 172, we were selling 172s for about HK$150,000, cup racers were about $110K.

Say i wanted over 250bhp, is there a gearbox which can take the strain, like maybe the upcoming V6 one or is it too big? I take it will be a reworked laguna box??



well you could fit most fwd gearboxs most of the time all you really need to change is the bellhousing and of course make sure it fits

BenR has faith in the clio can take 250bhp. I was thinking of doing more so i can do 1/4 miles, fast. I will shed more weight and get a lot more chassis stuff, custom coilovers, cage etc.

Where can u get one of these boxes - I want the noise even though Ive always said I didnt - thing is though its a powerful noise surely not ur average lax power car noise....................?