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6x9's on a standard shelf

  inferno rs 182
just a quick question, do you guys reckon i could put 4 6x9' on the clios stanard parcel shelf or do you think it would buckle under the weight? Also do you think it would affect the sound. only reason i ask is cus am lazy and cant be bothered fabricating a new shelf out of mdf, much easier just cutting into the original one.
what do you all thing


ClioSport Club Member
might be able to fit them side by side on it, and it should support the weight, if not run some supports on the underside of it.

4 6x9's is quite a lot in a clio mate, 1 pair would be more than enough for the size of the car.
  inferno rs 182
cheers, what do u suggest for supports?
had them in my 106 with a sub, just been cluttering my spare room thats why they're goin in