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80 quid for a new fecking tyre

got a nail in my tyre and was beyond repair.

80 quid for a new sure ive been ripped off...surely thats expensive for a 15 conti?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

John, i replaced both my front tyres with 195/50 R15 Toyo Proxies, £59 for the 2 tyres from, £10 fitted. £70 total for 2 195 NEW sure that makes u feel better buddy? :confused:

aye well thats a tad poor:(

i didnt think i was gonna need a new tyre, thought id get away with a repair...least ill know for future
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

i woke up to a screw in tyre yesterday morning, luckily it was ablr to be bunged.

I paid over £80 for the same tyre with the same situation but i live in london where prices are always upped. The Conti Premium Contact isnt a budget tyre, its just not that good.

The thing about is that you have to find someone to fit them after youve bought them, how are garages going to feel for you to pay them to fit tyres which arent theres, surely theyll bump up the fitting charge a lot?


  Audi TT Stronic

I paid £200 for 4 new tyres to be put on my micra from kwik-fit.. oh the shame.. LOL £200 for 4 sh*tty micra tyres.. ripped off

still you learn by your mistakes.. my mate spent over 400 quid in there on brake stuff.. i dont think his car even needed the brakes done.. all he went in for was a wheel balance...LOL