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'91 Kawasaki Green RT - Comments?

  1.6 Rotrex High Comp
Any comments?

Kawasaki Green inside and out
Custom profile cam
4into1 manifold
Stainless all the way back
15" TSW Evo's
Falken '45 rubber
Green stuff braking surfaces
Silvatec side-repeaters
Lexus rears
Cobra daytona's with lumbar support
Sabelt 3-points
Genuine 16v bonnet, complete with rain-catcher!
35mm down all-round
16v centre gauges and dash-top

I might even get 'round to spraying the bonnet!

Soon to include Laguna 1.8 throttle-body, and hopefully a trip to Hillpower for a new, proper chip.




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  1.6 Rotrex High Comp
@bradharding, Simplest way to drop at the front? (Or more accurately, cheapest way...)
There is the high quality black rubber below the bumper you can't see... When I'm in the car, and it's got a full tank of fuel, the car sits perfectly level. Are you suggesting this from an 'appearance' view, or from a 'handling' view?

<The lexus rears were a stop-gap that I've stuck with, my standards held more water than my header tank!>

@everyone else, Thanks for all your comments so far. Some more on the mechanical side might be useful to me. Before anyone says anything about transplants, I like my 'energy' engine - I can work on it myself, and it's cheap on parts!
Get rid of the lexarse lights and I like it, tho i do have a soft spot for that colour as my mini was painted in it for a while hehe



ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Looks like Kermit on Acid, :dead: but thats my opinion, you probably won't like my car, each to their own...

oh, but fair play for trying something different.
I like the colour but not keen on the interior. Would look much better with black angel eyes and a carbon bonnet tho ;)
If it looked like a track car, and wasn't a 5 door, it would of looked cool. But you've just made it unsellable.
Not totally my cup of tea tbh, but has potential - pity it's a 5 door. If itwas me I would get rid of the lexus lights and probably put some black wheels on there.

As for the engine side of things have you had any headwork done to it? These engines respond pretty well to headwork and and with all the other work you have had done it would probably give you a pretty decent power return.
Needed to be the same green as in the ps shown I think. Would look alot better like that. Some black wheels on it would look good, maybe with the green on the rims
  1.6 Rotrex High Comp
cliobuyer said:
If it looked like a track car, and wasn't a 5 door, it would of looked cool. But you've just made it unsellable.

Perhaps if it wasn't a Renault Clio either?

I like constructive comments like this... They help so much...

Good job I never go near a track and it will never be for sale, then! See, after a family car-crash, I am the only person left who has a driving licence and can actually operate a car. I need the 5-door for passenger access, and due to family commitments - I don't have the time or money to get another one.

I believe everything can be sold for the right price. I think you might be a bad salesperson.

@nightfire and patty, my paint-code is KAW2003, is there a way to get a paint-code from an RGB colour value? I like the interesting idea about black wheels with green rims, can you p/shop me any?

@patty, absolutely glorious motor on p/shop - if I had more funds, that's what I was aiming at!!!!! Can you or anyone p/shop me mine with black plastics?

@donsrn01, exactly what head-work can be done?

@everyone else, sorry for ranting... I've had a real bad day...
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I'm not sure of the exact exten of the headwork mate - just that it can give good gains of about 10 bhp+ if done correctly. If you ask in teh technical questions section some people with a bit more knowledge about it will be able to tell you.
you said its got a custom profile cam, who designed your cam profile? seems like a lot of expense on an rt, which i presume is a 1.2/1.4?
  1.6 Rotrex High Comp
Cam Profile and Manufacture: Some contacts I have in the heavy goods vehicle industry. Some friends who work with Cummins Engines.

Edit: You're right, it's a 1.4 (1390)...

And yes, I could've just gone for a bigger engined car, but where's whe fun in that? ;)