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A Bit Of Advice Please....

  honda accord 2.4 type s

Im after a stainlees steel full exhaust system for the little un. What should i be looking for??? Cheers

lots of choice out there gaj
the main choice for a lot of 16v/willy drivers is the magnex. fits likie a glove,quality is second to none and suprisingly quiet. only down side is the three inch tail pipe

others are mongoose, scorpion these 2 are quite good too


hi, dont wanna put a downer on this but from personal experience i would not go with scorpion. I have just fitted a full system to my valver, and three months down the line the baffle in the rear silencer by the sounds of it has come loose. This is not the first time either, it also happened to the rear box in the scorpion system that i fitted to my corsa too.......shame really cos the scorpion can on my bike is sweet!!!


ps does not fit too clever either, seems to hang down too low, i cant do any speed humps with out catching it!!

i had alot of trouble getting my magnex back box to fit properly, i feel this would be the same with any aftermarket exhaust, its a very tight fit under there, especialy where it comes over the torsion bar,

its also more difficult again if the cars is lowered
  172 & LCR

Go for a full Devil system a bit more money but it will be worth it ABP Motorsport will sort you out dont go to Prima Racing theyre crap on service hope this helps.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well more 16v drivers run Magnex than anything else AFAIK. I do myself and never had any trouble with it, its quality gear. Like Lofty says its a bit tight over the torsion bar at the back but thats the design of the car, not the exhaust.

Ive got a Mongoose cat-back and the quality is first rate, the noise ace and the fitting...was OK until a few weeks ago. Youre probably going to have trouble in the long term with an aftermarket system as the bores are usually too big for the small amount of space under there.