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A blank Canvis!

Right, so i've just bought my frist car as some of you already know.

Is a Mk1 1.2. Pics of it here.... 1314

I have got my own ideas for it, but some insperation for you guys would be great, since you all seem to know what your talking about.

As I said its pretty much a blank canvis, so what do you think I can do with it, without 'chaving it up'. Can an induction kit be fitted, would it be worth fitting an induction kit? What exhaust should i fit? Wheels? Lower? etc....

Im just looking to see what it possible, to make it look class and not like something out of Close Encounters :quiet:

And obv wont be able to do everything at once so where shall I start...

Cheers guys


PS - I have posted this in another part, but it wont let me delete it, so sorry for the repost
Are you ten years old

forget it, lol its a mk1 1.2 hence an induction kit is a waste of time. Spend money on brakes and suspension thats it
mk2 172 wheels in silver, lowered, cat back, maybe a panel filter.. dont go overboard as you will never see the money again
For the best results keep it simple, set of 15's bit of lowering, if you have to get an exhaust for it, i'd say get a subtle one (not one that wakes every one up)
Any exhaust recommendations? As you might be able to tell this is all new to me so a point in the right direction is welcome :)
Cheers, whats the deal with fitting a decat, Ive been adivsed that im might want to think about fitting a decat, wont it cause problems with my MOT?
  Meg on pistonheads £6995
do nothing!

Set up standing order (£150 p.m.) in a Cash ISA and move on in 2 yrs with NCB intact and nearly 4K in your back pocket (nice 172 & keep your 150 a month going for insurance etc)

  '92 172, Lotus Elise
ah, few subtle mods

lower it a bit, get some 15s and maybe a nice exhaust :)

and get that black shined up! will look nice :)