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Do u think that renault have got sum thing in the pipe line for a new 172 with all these others cuming ig the polo gti 180 corsa pug 180 ect; Is it time for them 2 go bigger a better and when do u think this would take place ?? Maybe they might when the new clio comes out in 2004 whats your opinons??????

They will when the new clio comes out, but a performance model usually takes about year to come through. I wouldnt be suprised if we had 200bhp as standard, to bridge the gap between superminis and hot hatchbacks.

it did take ages for them to get back from being on top witht eh GTT and valver/willy to the present i wouldnt be surprised if it took then a while again. But saying that......the new 220bhp megane could possible transfer its motor to teh next generation clio...which looks far too much like a megane if you ask me!

They make them more powerful, but they make them heavier. Even the Focus RS has something not too impressive like 165bhp/tonne and that big R32 Golf.....powerful, but heavy. As I know, the Williams and the 172s performance is not so far apart despite 5 years and 22bhp between them....sure there is a lesson there somewhere.....



  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 23 January 2003

Thats a valid point Ben, i wish small cars went back to being small cars.
Look at how big some cars have grown!

The VW Golf is huge compared to the previous models, the new Polo is about the size of the old Golf, the Pug 306 replacement 307, is massive compared to the old 306 and the newer Fiestas are so much bigger than the old models....