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A simple yes or no please

  R5 Gordini Turbo

However I only have 2 stars which means I have to be supervised on toilet cleaning duties. However I am able to empty the bins next to people who are eating, and spill it all over the tables unsupervised!!!

Am I a ( member.... You make the questions to difficult.

An right, in that case I AM a member, however I am not a cliosport club member.......yet!!

I too have 2 stars, however as I have only posted 21 times, I am still supervised in most of my duties, with the exception of the passing to the customers of the plassy bag with straw, serviette and receipt within!!
  7.6cc :D

Im not a member, and have never spoken to any of you people before in my life :eek:

Who are you all????? get out of my computer :confused:
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

That is a personal question and I dont think I should answer, so there!..

On the other hand, do I win anything for getting the answer correct? :D

Jilly we are all inside computers, have you not seen the Matrix.?!?!?.


(I am a memeber, honest)