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Aaaarggh - really livid!! :(

There have been some builders doing work next door for the past month or so - and they finally took the scaffolding down today and cleared off.

But they took the scaffolding down through the yard at our flat in Bristol.

Went out to my car and its peppered in shallow, but very noticeable dents all over the car - rear wing, bonnet, doors etc!!! GRRRRR!!! The builder bloke has just fobbed me off as well saying its nowt to do with him and I need to get onto the scaffolders!!

He also said that hed never have parked his car there if he knew there would be builders around. So where else could I put my car for a whole month???!

Im really cheesed off as Brands is this weekend and most of the bad dents arent going to come out with DentMaster type techniques - theyre on the rear pillar next to the boot (no access from behind panel:().

There has to be something you can do to get compensation, you got the name of the company ? Take action mate ! Sorry to hear that !
  Megane 225 baby! :)

You should be able to get something from either of the companies if not both of them! - can ask around @ work (work for a firm of solicitors) and see what anyone can suggest, if you want?

That is terrible news mate! :(

It saddens (and angers) me to think that a valver as mint as yours has been damaged through the ignorance of others!

Definately try to find out who they were and seek compensation!!

I think the problem will be proving it was them. You could always kill them! But bad luck for you mate.


Right. Just met up with the builder who still said it was the scaffolding blokes fault.

So after a little "debate" and my mentioning that I work for the Citizens Advice Bureau and am well rehearsed on the practice of the Small Claims Court, he gave in. Well, a bit anyway.

We went up to a garage to get a quote for the work - hell only pay for the dents he says the scaffolding people did, not the rest :)@). Anyway, to cut a long story short, the sprayer said £100 to do it, so the builder is giving me the £100 in cash.

The problem is that I dont really want the work done there as I suspect it wont be the best. Which means that Im still going to be out of pocket to have it done where I want it done. :(

At least I got some cash - liability insurance is notoriously difficult to claim on and would take for ever.

Oh well, will be at Brands with a few scars! But at least Im still coming!(y)
  Megane 225 baby! :)

Result in getting some money out of them. :)

You could always try going for the scaffolders as well and see if they will make up the difference?;)

Builders got Cement all over my car 2 years ago. Swore blindly it wasnt them. Got a few mates to come down with me and they handed over £200 which sorted the bonnet and wings.............result!

f**ken builders.

they should have insurace to cover it........

once all out car stock was a totalled by builders and we got a few million of them in compensation......

go as high up as you can......stuff the building site guy!!!! go to the guy who runs the company!
  BMW 320d Sport

Mate thats a real b*****d...yours is (or was?) the super-mintiest valver I ever saw. You certainly wont be wanting a hundred quid blow-over to fix that mirror paintwork will you?
Still, look on the bright side, at least you still got a driveable car...Ive got to come down to Brands as a passenger!

Johns metallic red valver was smashed in the rear quarter while it was parked up at work; whats going on? ANyone else had a car thats messed up in some way in the last week or two?

IT really pisses me off that people have NO respect for other peoples belongings, especially cars!

anyone who has driven on our roads for more than a week will realise this. people just dont care!. they squeeze through gaps so tight your wing mirrors are almost scraping, then when u give some signal of what u think of them ,they look at u like its your fault!!

yeh w**kers !!!i know it was me that accidentlly hit some one i would tell them appologuise and offer to repair as honesty is the best policy but the guy who hit my car wont admit it so ive evidence to prove it but he still wont come clean so ill just have to get the police involved

Ben come and see the bloke next door to the tyre place, i have got 2 weeks left there if you pop down ill proably be there,

also dentmaster pull dents using electrodes from the outside so as long as its not creased and dosent need apinting they can do it,

But....... to paint will be a lot more then £100 im guessing, is it just that one panel (roof) ?

pop dpwn and have a chat with him hes a top bloke
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Wow thats thats not nice brings a tear to the eye mate. How much is that gona cost to sort?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

night.icon, bad sh*t right there with your car !

can i ask what size wheels are those ?

That is a nasty bump on the rear quarter, scared to take mine out now with all this Clio bad luck!

Good luck with getting your cars sorted for brands, if only mine was finished someone could have borrowed it as I am working anyway! But currently I dont think the two tone grey and black primer is looking too cool!


Lofty: no the dents are all over - but theyre all small. The problem is that a couple of them are right on the rear pillar itself, on the way down to the rear arch. Sadly theyre fill and paint jobs :( and I really hope I can get a good match with the paint.

I might come out to see your paint guy, but its a long way to cycle back!

come and speak to him if you decide to have it done then he or i will drop you back when the car is done (if its in the next 2 weeks!)