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aberdeen to london and back

have to say the clio managed it good no bother at all . just out of interest when the fuel light comes on how much fuel do i have left in the tank . am i right in saying about 30 miles on reserve . as the dash computer fuel bit showes ---- when it has 40 miles left on it or so then it states the ---- then the fuel light comes on . i always top up when the reserve comes on as i would hate to run out of fuel


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I've had more than 40 outof my 1.2 clio.

I've had 60miles out the puma when the light comes on.


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I would seriously doubt there the same...then again i'm not prepared to find out the hard way! Ran out of fuel in the z4...Soon as it clicked Zero miles it spluttered!
thanks for the help . its a 172

i get better miles out of the clio than my wifes bmw 318ti se compact the bmw seem to use more fuel than the cliosport i think . i may be wrong
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I believe the light comes on and the ---- when you have 1 gallon left in the tank.
In my old 182 this used to happen at about 36 miles left.
In the Trophy this happens at 34 miles left.
A few weeks ago i managed 28 miles after the light came on with no problems, i was so glad to see a garage in the distance, it was a twitchy brown moment, lol.