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Ac Back Light

  White Sti Hatch
For some random reason the lights behind the Ac cotroles in my car dont work i have to give it a good punch to get them to light anyone know if i can get to them without having to rip the Dash out and well is it fixible ?
  R35 GTR
you remove the cup holder then the plastic panel below the panel.
I think there are two screws as well. Then it comes out with a little persuasion and twisting.
  White Sti Hatch

That dash board mate stole pic from eBay...Ac controlers are in front of the Gear Stick
  White Sti Hatch
I can get the controles themself of easy with a Scredriver just prise them off but its really the card around them i want to get out so i can see if somethings lose or what but just dont want to either break it or get it out and not be able to get it back again..