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AC compressor question


ClioSport Club Member
Hi all,
So think I already know the answer to this question! I have bought a second hand AC compressor from eBay, it’s turned up and isn’t the one pictured. (Seller turns out has used the same pic to sell the same part for years) it’s turned up minging; it’s a used part so not worried about that...However when I spin the pulley wheel there seems to be a ‘ringing’ noise like there is something loose or catching. It’s not the clutch system. My question is, has anyone else experienced this? If so does it disappear when the pulley is under AUX belt tension? I have messaged the seller explaining I think it’s broken and would like another, likely I’ll be stung with it as return postage won’t be worth the hassle and it wasn’t allot of money. I’m just trying to judge if I’m wrong and it’s fine? Also does anyone have a known, working compressor they wouldn’t mind selling?




ClioSport Club Member
Of you have a video of the noise I can compare it with a secondhand compressor I've got lying around!