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Acoustic valve removal?

gunna take out the acoustic valve but need to no from someone thats done this already, had any fault lights on the dash come up when you unpluged the solenoid? and also any change in the running?

  Nimbus Megane R26
Had birchdown take mine out, i think induction is a little louder and it revs a little more easier. No lights have come up, but i hear you need to block the pipe thats left once the valve is removed otherwise lights will start to show on your dash..dont quote me on that though!
  Jag Mondeo -Type
Yep, just a case of removing it and plugging up the slim rubber pipe that connects to it (I just put a screw in the end of the pipe). As above, when I did mine I noticed a little more induction noise and maybe rev'd a little more freely, but not a vast change.