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Is it just me or is anybody else addicted to this page ??

Even when I am really busy at work I cant stop myself from logging on and reading various articles all day !!!!

My mates at work think that I am a right old saddo and take the p**s out of me but I just dont care and I love it, I just cant help myself !
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Ummm same hear pluss cant stop pricing up different bits that i could afford for my car.

Rob, How long have you been on here? i only seem to remember you being on here recently, but youve posted over 2000 times!

100 posts in 6 days tells ya how much Im in here.. 90% of the time, I aint even posting either..


i am always very busy at work but still find time to be on here.

Maybe if i spent more time working and less time posting/ reading threds i could get the work done and be less busy.