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Advanced Driving Courses

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good advanced driving course?

"Her indoors" says I drive like a complete c*nt so id better get learning!

Thanks in advance


Approach your county police force, most forces do, or will do, advanced driving courses if asked nicely, I think they basically chop down the course they do for the class A training, you dont get to do certain things from that course though, like persuit etc ;)

So, give them a try, at least you will get a youthful instructor, as I have found (Only my personal opinion) that IAM are mostly filled with the older generation.... Rospa is meant to be good as well......

Good luck with it, and tell us what you went for in the end!

Looks as though Ill have to look into this a bit further, will definately be good to be able to drive my car as it is intended and be less likely to totally it or kill yet another old person!

Cheers all.

Alright Sangy? Im doing the IAM course at the moment... Its 75 quid which includes 4 STAC lessons - Short Term Associate Course...This is basically a classroom session detailing each fortnight about different hazards, e.g Corners, roundabouts etc...

the course fee includes the test as well and ALL tutition is giving by volunteers...Assuming you live in mainland UK you will probably get some sort of discount in your insurance if you can find an approved insurer...

Check ou for your local group...if you have any qs , email me at">


yeah if you do it through the IAM it isnt expensive at all... They are a charity ya see..course if you want you can pay an instructor 20 quid a lesson and then pay for your test ( 40 quid ) if ya wanna do it that way...

its not very different from normal driving though you are expected to make safe and QUICK progress without driving dangerously or illegally...

maybe im wrong about the points. but i remember reading somewhere on ROSPA that if you have had points in the last so many years you cant apply. because its ment to be for safe drivers only. i am very likely wrong though:(

forgive me im in the middle of a physics lab and really wondering whats going on in the world:(

ROSPA may be different ... its supposed to be a higher standard to the IAM test... they both teach from the cops "Roadcraft" book... the bible apparently. Anyway, an IAM pass is supposed to be a ROSPA bronze level?