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Advice Needed

  1.2 mk2 phase 1
Hey guys,
ive got a mk2 ph1 clio and im currently on planning on lowering my car but would like some advice on what to do.
Im running 16" team dynamics wheels and have no idea what kind on mm to lower my car, my freinds got his lowerd 60mm but his is a ph2 would you say 60mm on a ph1 is suitable.
if you have any pictures to help that would be much apreciated guys.
also ive just invested in a 172 ph2 rear bumper of a fellow cs member and im currently gettin that sprayed along with the rest of my car as i had a little bump into a barrier and scratched all my wing and dinted and sratched my door.


  Lots of Alfas
60mm is easily do-able but the ride is harsh and your standard shocks will soon wear. My old clio was lowered on apex -40mm springs, i was very happy with the ride and handling but after 2 years they started to sag a little, the standard shocks were also fine with this height.