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Advice pls

  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
I have a 1998, Mk2 Ph1 clio. RN 1.2.
Got 47000k on it, just wondereing wen i can be expected to change cam belt, etc, is it worth getting it done b4 it brakes not to sure wat to do, how long they last, ta.
  Dynamique S 138
mines the same years as yours and i'm coming up to 57k, going to get it done next year as they reccomend you to change it every 5 years or something
You don't have to chnage it Renault just recomend changind at 5years or 72k you can leave it forever if you want but they reconemd any longer and the risk of it breaking is more.

£150 or so for a cambelt not to difficult on the 1.2 as there a bit of space make sure they change the tensioners though.