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After 7 years of driving there goes my clean license :(.

Got caught going 95.1Mph on the motorway Damn but its a wake up call tho cause ive been starting to drive too fast on the motorway lately. How long does the 3 points last on your license?, and how much will my insurance go up next year ? And does that over pay trick with the cheque still work? .



Doesnt really affect your insurance cos that many people have got points for speeding now a days its so common! didnt affect mine by a penny

as for how long on your licence .. 3 years.

where u get caught??????
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Minx the points last for 4 years on the licence after which you can have them removed and you have to declare then to the insurance for 5 years.

And no the first 3 dont effect insurance if they are only SP codes eg sp30 or sp50 etc.

I am almost positive they can be removed after 3 years... but I could be wrong!

I might just find out myself soon, as my SP50 is now over 3 years ago but I havent been arsed to get it removed yet....
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Sorry to hear that. We rarely drive that slow on the motorways here. Too bad the rest of the world doesnt look to the autobahn and its enlightened approach. Around this area 100mph or 160km/h seems to be a decent cruising speed where you dont stick out at all. That is on 120km/hr or 130km/hr posted autoroutes. Once in Germany...
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Insurance can and probably will go up with points, otherwise why would they ask?

Mine went up by £80 a year (SP50) on a VW Golf that was through Admiral, you may be lucky and have a more reasonable insurer??
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insurance may go up a little, get an online quote with tesco online and try it both with and without your points to get an idea of how much extra they add on (if any)!
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I have always been told when I got a quote 3 points dont matter, anymore and it does add a premium on.

When i got 3 points i declared it to my insurance company and they said not to worry about it - didnt change by a penny!! WOOHOO!!

This was 2 years ago - within a month of passing my test!! So not long to go till they can come off!
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In Northampton over 180,000 people have been caught speeding in just over a year, one camera alone has made over 1 million pounds. Northamtons population is only a little more than 180,000, at this rate everyone will have points soon. I pass at least two fixed cameras each day, and at least 1 camera van a week. Sometimes I can pass over 10 cameras depends on my journey and I live near the bloody digital ones where I have seen people go though the first set at 30mph+ above the speed limit and then turn off before they get to the second set, thus avoiding being caught (useless). Insurance companies charge us enough as it is, without charging extra for points.

Rant over

greeper - what exactly do the digital ones look like ???? i aint got any round where i live, weve just got the police parked up speed trapping instead
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Digital ones in Northampton are mounted up and over a dualcarageway in the shap of a large Tstarting from the central reservation so that the cameras look down on oncoming traffic. At a distance they look like a funny street lamp. The cameras are quite small and have infra-red lenses so they can catch you at night as well. They dont catch people who go through them at over 50mph (speed limit on this road) only if the average speed between the cameras (they are set out every 1/4 mile) exceeds 50mph. Though they are painted blue with a little bit of yellow they are nasty little things to spot, and has not stopped people speeding, as they turn off before their average speed is recorded.

For more info on these try:
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I herd that points have to be declaired to insurance for the first 3 years but stay on ur licence for 4 before they can be removed!

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The ones you are on about WILL catch you if you turn off after the first one!!! They produced a leaflet explaining how they work and why they were put stop accidents...however I have seen more smashes since they were put up than before. Dont risk it!!

The police have just bought 4 more mobile vans too and plan another 8 statics.

If anybody wants a car thats not been thrashed buy second hand from Northampton!!!

As to the points bit they automatically come off you license after 4years but you can ask after 3 and it will be done......experience!!!
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Hi Chris

I got the leaflet, but so many people (not me I wont risk it) have shot passed me through the first set of cameras and then come off into Ecton or Weston Favel their average speed was well in excess of 50.

I agree on the accidents more now than before.

4 more vans and another 8 statics, SH!T!! Plus I also read that speed limits are being reduced across the county by 10mph. Near schools the speed limit will be 20mph (I agree with this). I would lower my car but the amount of speed bumps in my area I have forgotton what a flat 30mph road looks like.

Northampton was the fifth best place to speed(not condoning this) four years ago, now it is the third worst area for speeding looking to go for the number 1 spot according to this info.

Steer clear of Northampton, it is only a matter of time until everyone in the county has points.

I work for esure/Halifax insurance (sell both companies policies from the same call office) and three points for speeding (as long as its SP10/SP30) will not make any difference at all to the price. SP50 gets a price hike (loading) of about 7%. If you have another 3 point offence giving 6 altogether theres a price hike of around 10%. Any more than 6 and we cant insure you. Also, if you phone up to add a speeding offence on after a policy has started (e.g. a second 3-point offence) we wont charge you more until renewal, as theres no mid-term adjustment for points.


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If many more speed cameras/humps appear, it wont be worth having anything other than 1.2 sized cars!

GR I really think you should go for a 1.9DCi, and i aint taking the P there is no need for you to have a 172. A little dci will be plenty fast enough to take you to Ikea/Tescos!