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After help...

Im thinking about replacing my current car (Calibra 16V sorry to swear!)with a Clio 16V on a L/M plate.Been looking at some nice ones at Max Power Live today.

What im wondering is if anyone on here could direct me in the right direction of what i should be looking for when viewing a Clio and give me an idea of what i should be paying?

Any help will be grate!

And anyone reccomend any sites worth looking at!
  silver valver/hybrid

if you look on the main page there is a buyers guide in the menu on the left, just look out for the usual things, rust, bodged paintwork etc, etc, ask if it has had cambelt change, very important, and ver expensive if it goes. price wise at a guess you are looking at £3200+ for a half decent one and £4000+ for a minter. If you do get a 16v you will love it, its a fantastic car and are quite uncommon.
  BMW 320d Sport

Electrics problems are common, definitely check the cambelt has been done recently, otherwise youve got an expensive job coming up soon just to replace it.