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Aftermarket stereo

  Clio lll Tom Tom

I’m looking at upgrading my original stereo with a aftermarket one, I know i may not be able to use the sat nav but I’m using a more modern external one now anyway, I tried but it doesn’t power up, I’ve heard I may need to wire it to the fuse box
Also what wiring harness would adaptors would I need etc


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Depends what car you’ve got, has it got the standard stereo or an upgraded one? what adapters are needed and what stereo you’re trying to fit.

Basically you need to give us a bit more info.
  Clio lll Tom Tom
Basicly I have the Renault Clio sport 2011/12 with the Tom Tom sat nav built in, currently it has the original radio but I want to replace with a aftermarket one