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Age old question

I was chatting to a friend the other day and he reckoned that more people would rather make their car look fast than go fast? Whadda ya reckon people? Who has spent more money making their cars look good rather than go good?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Bit of both - look good - £25 on bulbs etc. Go fast - £300 on zorst, £120 on springs. Best investment - £79 on Motorsport Academy driving course! If I go fast I look good! And better still I feel good!
  Abarth Grande Punto

well ive spent thousands on making mine look fast but now fast can you make a 1997 1.2 clio!! so if i can make it go fast, then looks will have to do!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Engineering is what its all about for me. Make them powerful and handle. Job done.

Cosmetically modified cars dont really light my fire.

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cos of age its definately looks but when i hit 21 and hopefully 5 years no claim it will definately be nothing but speed, till then ill stick with looks

i was considering doing my clio up lookwise, but after what ive experience tonight and after driving my bros car i may sell off and get a punto GT, 21 on the 19th so the insurance should be reasonable


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

go good, hopefully youll be going so quick nobody can get a good look anyway. Clio shaped blur, always looks good
  BMW 320d Sport

Its always gonna be GO over SHOW for me. Its nice to have a tasty looking motor but IMHO thats no good if its slow. I appreciate than nowadays for many younger drivers (ie under 25!) its just too expensive to insure a standard fast Clio, let alone one thats modified in any way. Each to their own I suppose.

unfortunately, its SHOW over GO for me...anyways, what can you really do to make a 1.4 go fast, short of spending a bomb on a turbo or NOS...i dun have the moolah there
  7.6cc :D

Same for me, show over go (you probably guessed) but i am of the opinion that my car is fast enough anyway

as fast as most 24 year old can afford anyway
  Clio 197

Form follows function in my book. If it goes but is ugly I still love it. I dont have to look at it whilst driving!

Lancer Evo 6 TM

I think its very dependant on age! I would love to concentrate my efforts on improving my cars performance - but insurance is already a killer!!
So i have chosen the route of styling instead! BUT hopefully when im 21 BBPT will have finished their turbo conversion and i can stick that on all then ill have styling and performance!!