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Aint It Peaceful

has anyone else noticed now a certain .. unnamed one has dissapeared its got back to its happy peaceful fun way again.... aaaaaaahh ... so nice...

whos got free drugs? there is a drought on at the minute, cant be good sh*t if its free............ no love is free though, always ends up costing me an arm and a leg.


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Well I have to say that I miss the "characters" who used to post regularly, like 172 Slayer, Cooper-S Boy, the Captain, BenR etc. They dont post much now, where are they?
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I long for the days when there was robust debate on here where people took an almost ideoligical stand on an issue and fought their corner as if the life depended on it.Now we have to make do with mundane threads about what is the best air filter to use on a 1.2 clio : ( you call that progress?

Ive been looking up some old achive threads and some were classic Slarty vrs nick with neither prepare to give ground to the other ,thats what made this forum special ,they both passionately believed in their own view point and out of it sometimes came the thruth.but because some people on here had fragile personalities the

captain was hounded out.

Even though the Essex taliban wont admit it in public they have a lot to thank the captn for !



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Shame it wasnt the same day, as then we would have been ClioSport twins!



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Hello Slayer!

It suddenly feels a bit more lively here!

Have you slayed any 172s recently?

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Captains on holiday I believe, hes gone to Florida or something so i wouldnt be surprised if he made a "Michael Myers" style return....

Quote: Originally posted by technicalman on 24 November 2002

yeah, slartys mum and dad have taken him to disney world to cheer him up now hes got no friends

well hes just lucky!!!

the micheal Jackson 3D movie is fab!!!!

but the space mountain is dead scary.......i had tio sit on my grannys knees....i wasnt tall enough.

Silvy.......still ere! just posints limited to things which which result in registered brain activity.......

BTW silvia.......what do you think of a spruce green 168 Anglia next car...yum...oh, it wont be std though..hehehe


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I am Sylvia with a Y but I will let you off!

What do I think of an Anglia? Nothing at all Ben! Wouldnt like one myself, but if you want one ........
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I was wondering where the captain had gone. Hope he returns soon, possibly a controversial (I think-> funny) bloke to some, but to most an invaluable asset to tech and more importantly clio advise, as is benR etc.

oh well then SYlvia....when you see teh finalised anglia.....i hope you will be pleasantly surprised!

wacko jacko window that in 3D too!?