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Air conditioning oil for Clio RS 182

  Renault Clio RS 182
Would anyone happen to have details of the oil used in the air conditioning system of the Clio RS 182. I'm looking to replace it.
  monaco 172
I think if you get your air con regassed by one of the large marches they use in places like kwick fit it puts in new lubricant anyway
  Renault Clio RS 182
Ya they do, but my engine will be on a bench in the next 48 hours so that won't be an option. My friend has all the gassing kit, we just need to know what lubricant to use.
  Renault Clio RS 182
Than you so much... 100% Sure ? I need to order it today/tomorrow... love the Hakosuka there... one my all time favourites, Gan-san was the man !