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Airbag and service light?

Other day turned on car and the service light stays on and also the airbag light on the display on the right handside. Any ideas? Car isnt due for a service but the airbag light is on?


  VW Golf TDI
just unclip and clip the things under the seat back togeather, they should be orange wires, used to happen all the time on my 172 when my arse mates slammed the seat foward and back
Seat belt warning light

The SERV and AIRBAG lights come on its a common problem (almost every has it) its due to the wiring of the pretensioners going to an open circuit. Fiddle with the wires under the seat an the problem will go away.
On the early cars the solution is to look under each of the seats. You will see a grey connector.
On the passenger side disconnect it and cut the Blue and Brown wires off both sides. Then solder the Blue wire to blue, and the Brown to the other brown. Make sure you use insulating sleeves over the soldered connections..
Under the driver seat there are two pairs of wires in the grey connector.. Only cut the Blue and Brown wires and solder them together as above.. Reconnect the connector..
On the facelift cars it is ONLY the passenger side connector that is affected.. So again cut and solder the Blue and brown wires.

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  Anything from the fleet
I fixed this by putting my key in the airbag switch to deactivate it, turned on the ignition, turned it off again, turned the switch again and all was ok.