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airbag light

OK I know this has been asked before (Ive done the search) but there does not seem to be a definitive answer. I am about to replace my standard cup seats with a pair of cobras and want to stop the airbag warning light coming on after I have removed the pretensioner. I understand I need to put a resistor in the wiring somewhere, but what ohm value and where exactly does it go??

Ive got the values on my PC at home for resister values however its the airbag not the seatsbelts which you need to stick resisters in. The Cup doesnt have side airbags so its not a problem.

Your PM to me didnt work I only got one word of the question.

However you took the last free space so if you tried to send me a full question later Im sorry it was blocked up for you. Ive made some more space now.