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AIrbag sensor

Hey guys im hoping one of your experts can give me some guidance :)

Ive owned my 182 for several years now and the airbag light has always been lit on the dashboard. Ive always ignored it because the airbags are fine and never been used so my assumption is something wrong with the sensor itself. Now these dashboard warning lights are part of the MOT i think its time i tried to fix this...!

Can anyone point me to where this sensor is situated in the car so i can check it?

And also any other advice before i spend money to get it fixed...

Cheers guys ;)


ClioSport Club Member
Airbag light on any Clio 2 is most commonly the wiring under the driver and sometimes passenger seat, I'd check that as a first port of call, common fix is to cut out the block connector and solder the wires together directly. I'd have a search around here I'm sure there are plenty of threads on it.
Could also code out the airbag at fault with the right tools/software, commonly done if you've got aftermarket seats or steering wheel.
I think this is a lot rarer, but on my old 1.2 the actual airbag module was at fault, it's under the useless cupholders so can get liquid damaged. Just something to bear in mind if it's not the seat connectors.