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Airbag & service light (again)

  172 PH1 - Black
Sorry, I know this has been discussed many many times over, but got the MOT coming up and as many of you would have at some point, I have both lights on.

I dont have after market seats and have checked all of the wiring the wiring under the seats and all seems in tact.

I do however have an after market steering wheel with out the airbag (OMP). I've just had this off and appears the the wires meant for the airbag have had the connector taken off, wires stripped and a type of resister fitting (not like the one from Maplins which is largely recommended, which I also have a few of). It certainly threw me a little bit after seeing all of the previous guides etc.


Should I be checking out the connections further under the seats?

Should I remove the resistor behind the steering wheel and replace with the Maplan resister?

All help appreciated
Have you got a multimeter mate?
Check the resistance either side of the current resistor you've got in there.

Failing that have you got an RSTuner, or get any garage with a OBDII fault reader to reset the codes.
Sounds like it could be related to the steering wheel one though.